History of philately holds many interesting stories, many of them can be called fantastic. Probably the most creative artist who was known for creating hand-painted postage stamps (artistamps) of fictional countries was the American philatelist XX century Donald Evans.


Invented World Donald Evans

Evans seriously engaged in philately, intrigued by this as early as 12 years. Over time, however, he realized that for the postage stamps of Europe and America, he pays too high a price. So Donald Evans came up with a brilliant idea: he decided to create their own brand.

And, of couse, it was not be a crime. Evans went to the creative idea. He brought into being a brand of non-existent countries, the names of which he invented.

In addition, (he wanted to maximize credibility), he also invented the names of monetary units. It is necessary to pay tribute to the artistic talent of inventive philatelist. He painted a really high quality and beautiful stamps. Nobody never catch him in this forgery.

So Evans sent his art, and in return received real postage stamps from Europe and America. Moreover, recipients of his letters especially appreciated those messy stamps from unknow countries denominated in some obscure units.

The bright figure in the history of philately

Evans painted faux stamps issued by forty-two countries he conjured in his imagination. Sometimes he used interesting and whisperer clues to creat new mysterious stamp.

For example, one of the cities he called Vanupids, which means "barefoot tramp." So he expressed his passion to travel. And despite the props, all of his masterpieces have been successfully pasted on the envelopes and mailed without any problems. Modern phiateliist have a gust of those stamps for the uniqueness and of couse for the mastership.

Evans's stamps can be found in many museums and private collections. Is it possible to think about philately as a boring hobby? Collecting postage stamps is an art full of imagination and creativity.


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