Koper - European Destination of Excellence of 2017

Slovenia is such an idyllic country! It has got so many places which have received 'European Destinations of Excellence' award called EDEN. Winner of the EDEN 2017 competition is Koper – one of the greatest Slovenian destinations. To mark this important achievement Slovenia Post has released a special stamp designed by Inga Bau. We also have to mention that Slovenia is the only country in Europe to present its winning destinations on postage stamps.

Slovenia has been participating very successfully in EDEN competition and the development of the network since 2008. The theme of the competition in 2017 was "Culture and Tourism" – in other words the emphasis was on destination`s culture/cultural heritage and gastronomy/cuisine. The winning EDEN destination in Slovenia was Koper, which is an excellent example of the co-existence of history, culture, nature, tourism, and modernity. This bright Slovene town is also important economically, given that it is the site of Slovenia’s only commercial port.

The other finalists in this edition of the competition were Slovenske Konjice, the Karst region, Radovljica and Ptuj. The solemn proclamation of the winning destinations takes place in Brussels. Congratulations to Koper, the winner of the new European Destination of Excellence.