Newfoundland 1860 1sh Orange stamp is being auctioned by Siegel!

We are delighted to present to your attention one of the brightest lots that will be auctioned during Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries` sale “Worldwide Stamps and Covers”. This is Newfoundland 1860 1sh Orange with an original gum and vivid fresh color and this is without question the finest example of the British North American rarity. What is more, only a few original gum examples exist of the Newfoundland 1860 one-shilling orange on handmade paper without mesh. The lot is to fetch $37,500!

The Newfoundland One-Shilling stamps come from three printings, distinguished by paper and/or color. The first was issued on January 1, 1857 -- it was printed in Scarlet Vermilion on thick wove. The second printing was in 1860 in the Orange color (or Orange-Vermilion in SG Catalogue) on handmade paper without mesh. Finally, the third and last printing was made in 1861 in Rose color on similar or identical "Stacey Wise" paper.

The 1857 Scarlet Vermilion is very rare both in used and unused conditions. The 1860 Orange is much rarer than the 1857 Scarlet Vermilion -- unused examples are extremely rare, and only a few have original gum. The 1861 Rose is very common in unused condition, but quite scarce genuinely used.

The Newfoundland 1860 1sh Orange offered by Siegel is the finest unused example with original gum in the superb condition. Only two others can be compared to it in terms of margins and soundness, but neither of those has original gum. This is believed to be the first auction offering of this stamp since the 1921 Ferrary sale, nearly a century ago. It will take place on June 19-20, 2018.